Top Hat Permasilk Black

Jacobson Hat

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Black permasilk top hat.*One Size Fits Most. We take care of all the little things such as this Top Hat Permasilk Black. Not only will it complete your outfit perfectly, it will also make a fantastic addition to your fancy dress collection, guaranteed to be used again and again thanks to its high-quality construction. It is versatile too, so you can mix and match it on to different outfits without anybody noticing. The hat offers a high-quality construction, manufactured from only the highest-quality materials for a finish that is both professional and hardwearing. It will no doubt be loved by the whole family. The top hat is ideal for adding that extra special final touch to your outfit - especially if you are dressed as something incredibly dapper such as a zombie groom or maybe even a freaky doll with suspenders, a striped teeshirt and ghostly makeup. You may even want this for a masculine take on the zombie bride or magician. It will look great with so many different outfits so all you have to do is add it to your collection to reap the benefits of this handsome party prop. Whats more, its a gender neutral hat so you can your partner or your family can interchange where needed. The top hat would suit any wedding theme or elegant fancy dress party, but it is equally effective for Halloween and professional or corporate events too. We love it for that versatile look that can be adapted to suit your occasion. The hat itself benefits from a black finish and a traditional design that will be instantly recognisable no matter what youre dressed up as. It is classic, sophisticated and well-made and you are bound to be impressed.