Tiger Friendly Mascot Costume (Rental)

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Tiger Mascot includes Over the head mask, body, hands and feet. One size. Rental Price $95.00 Security Deposit $300.00  This mascot costume is a great idea for any celebration! Of course, the tiger is known for its strength and ferocity, but multiple depictions across media and culture from Tony the Tiger, to the Tiger Who Came to Tea have taught us that they can be just as entertaining when they're friendly, fun and approachable, too. Perfect for parades, promotional events, sporting occasions or something completely different, this premium-quality tiger mascot costume will fulfil your every need. Like all the professional-grade mascot suits offered by Fantasy Costumes, this tiger mascot suit is made with function first and foremost in mind the design philosophy behind this range of mascot costumes is that the wearers comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use are just as important as aesthetics, and this product is no exception. With a relaxed-fit jumpsuit-style body, its very convenient and comfortable to wear, and separate hands and feet make it easy to put on and take off; allowing for the widest range of motion possible, you'll be running, jumping and dancing in no time. Unlike cheaper imitations, this suit is made from fabrics that are both durable and lightweight, meaning that there's no need to worry about potentially embarrassing rips or awkward transparency but the wearer also wont find it unbearably hot and stifling after very short periods of wear, as is often unfortunately the case with cheap imitations. The large over-the-head mask allows for plenty of ventilation and visibility, too. With a funky striping pattern that's simple and uncomplicated, this is an eye-catching costume! Its friendly features and smiling face make it extra-suitable for kids and adults alike, while its whiskers are especially cute. Available for rental, its perfect for short-term events don't miss out!

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