Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls Cosplay | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica Northwest is a major character on the TV show Gravity Falls.


Gravity Falls is an animated Disney show about 2 siblings who spend a summer with their great uncle in Gravity Falls, that’s where the name comes from.

Anyway, here is your background information on Pacifica:

1) She is the most popular girl in Gravity Falls.

2) Is the great-great granddaughter of Nathaniel Northwest...who supposedly founded the town.

3) Historically, she and her family line have used their 'status' to treat others poorly.

4) Was a huge enemy of Mabel Pines, but has lately changed for the better and is abandoning the arrogance, conceitedness, and history of crime that her family has engaged in all along.

Now for her costume:

1) Purple eye shadow


2) Beige mid calf boots


3) Lavender acrylic paint


4) White hoop earrings


5) Purple ¾ length blazer


6) Blonde wig


7) Purple belt


8) Purple dress


9) Black leggings


Pacifica’s cosplay is actually not very complex. As you may have noticed, pretty much all of these things are really just 'normal' everyday items you find people wearing around.

But that’s also the challenge itself, because now there’s really not a whole lot of ways you can 'cheapen' up the costume.

Let’s just get started then:

1) The dress, blazers, boots, and leggings are pretty much going to have to stay no matter what. There’s really nothing you can do or substitute with that will either be cheaper or less time-consuming/effort-consuming. So really you’re going to have to just stick with them.

2) The belt may not be necessary. Even though it is quite a noticeable feature, it’s also possible for the cosplayer to pull off a 'minimalistic' variant of the costume.

3) Obviously, wig can be replaced with dyed/bleached hair. Although, the latter is definitely something to think about since bleaching is relatively permanent.

4) Paint and eyeliner are actually largely useless and unnecessary in my opinion.

Off you go now!

Enjoy your costume!