11 (Eleven) from Stranger Things - DIY Cosplay

Let’s Cosplay 11

11 from the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, has made quite the name for herself amongst the binge-watching crowd.

In fact, both Stranger Things and many of Netflix’s original series have been quite successful.

So let’s talk a little bit about her first:

1) 11 is a girl with strong psychokinetic abilities.

2) She is also known as El.

3) She was abducted at birth by Dr. Martin Brenner to be used as a human test subject.

4) She got her powers as a result of her mother being a part of the MKUltra government project and getting pregnant while participating in them.

And there’s the backstory on 11.

Now let’s talk about her costume:

1) Blue windbreaker

2) Pink sleeveless dress

3) White false collar

4) Green and yellow striped knee high socks

5) Converse white chucks

6) Fake blood

7) Eggo waffles

Let’s assemble it all together now and talk a little about it.

1) Let’s start off with first saying that the fake blood and Eggos may not be 100% necessary. Your choice.

2) Everything else is basically a ‘normal’ item that you could foreseeably wear during normal’ day-to-day life. So simply don your attire as you would ‘normally’.

And there you have it for 11!