Dr. Algernop Krieger from Archer | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay Dr. Algernop Krieger

Dr. Algernop Krieger from the TV show, Archer,is a popular figure amongst fans of the show. His antics and quirky personality have led to many a humorous situation on-screen. And off-screen his fan base enjoys cosplaying as the guy.


So with that being said let’s delve really quickly into Dr. Krieger’s backstory and then move on to the costume:

1) Dr. Krieger was the head of the ISIS Applied Research Department.

2) He is actually not a doctor in anyway. Either medical or otherwise.

3) He is trilingual: English, Portuguese, and German.

And that’s Dr. Krieger for you.

Now comes the costume part:

1) White lab coat


2) Yellow long-sleeve dress shirt


3) Dark brown necktie


4) Khakis


5) Black leather belt


6) Black dress shoes


You’ve probably figured out by now that there’s not much to 'improvising' or 'jury rigging' Dr. Krieger’s costume.

They’re all just common 'everyday items' that you could find 'normal' people wearing on 'normal' days.

The instructions basically boil down to 'wear these as you would normally'.

And there you have it!

One Dr. Algernop Krieger cosplay coming right up!