Chloe Price from Life is Strange Cosplay | DIY Costume Guide

Let’s Cosplay Chloe Price

Chloe Price is the 2nd most important character in the popular video game Life is Strange.


The game and the story/plot is rather complicated. So for the sake of simplicity I will simplify Chloe as a character below:

1) She was Max’s best friend before Max moved to Seattle.

2) Max saves her life by using time travel, and that’s pretty much how the game starts.

3) Chloe became best friends with Rachel Amber after Max left.

4) They are now both looking for Rachel together.

And there’s the details on Chloe.

And here’s the part where I tell you what you need for your cosplay:

1) Blue beanie cap


2) Blue pixie wig


3) White misfit skull tank top


4) Black military style shirt


5) Skinny jeans


6) Black suspenders


7) Black bra


8) Fake arm sleeve tattoo


9) Bullet pendant necklace


10) Black boots


Now let’s get to the instructions and 'improvising' part of Chloe’s costume. Most of it will be easy enough, as she is a 'realistic' character that dresses in a 'realistic' way. So without further ado, let’s begin with:

1) Wig may not actually be necessary if you are willing to use hair spray paint.

2) It should go without saying that the bra and suspenders are certainly not necessary at all...the bra is a minor detail and is completely debatable whether or not it’s truly that 'integral' to the look of the character. The suspenders may also be disregarded if looking for a 'minimalistic' approach to the costume.

3) The necklace may also be disregarded as well.

4) The black military shirt is definitely not 100% needed either.

5) Shirt, jeans, boots, and beanie cap are going to have to stay though. The only possible exception to this is the beanie cap, although many would consider that to be something that actually does give her a rather unique appearance despite the simplicity of such an item. Don all items as you would 'normally'.

6) The fake tattoos are going to require some careful planning and execution though. If you haven’t had experience with these things before, don’t panic. They’re actually quite simple and easy. Most of the time it really boils down to get the tattoos wet, stick 'em onto your body, and then let dry and take off. Not too dry though. Just be sure to double-check the specific instructions to this one and follow them carefully


And there you have it people!

Chloe Price cosplay!