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An Exclusive to!!! Welcome the New Mayor of Chicago with his brand new Mask! One Size Standard. Celebrate the new mayor of Chicago with a mask made to look exactly like him! Our Chicago Mayor Mask is not only a fantastic way to show your appreciation and support of Chicago's longest-serving major, but its also a hilarious Halloween costume when paired with a suit and tie. This Rahm Emmanuel iconic mask will be instantly recognizable as well as a statement at political rallies no matter what side of the issues you're on! We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best quality wigs, masks and costumes so you can rest assured that you are buying the best. If you're a happy and proud Chicago resident and fancy something a little bit different for your Halloween party or political party then this mask is exactly the right costume for you. Perhaps you are having a work party and want to impress a colleague with your originality or maybe you were born in Chicago and want to make a hypothetical salute to your home state. Whatever the reason, any American politician is a sure-fire way to turn heads at a fancy dress party - and you may even win a few prizes for creativity. This mask comes in one-size as standard and is an exclusive to Fantasy Costumes. It has been made using the highest-quality vinyl and offers a supreme level of comfort to ensure you do not fall out of character mid-way through the party. The realistic features, wrinkles and laughter lines on this authentic representation of the major is almost terrifying to look at! The statement silver hair and eyebrows and emphasized under-eye bags are a fine example of quality craftsmanship. This hardwearing vinyl mask slips over the face easily and will provide ease of use and long-lasting comfort.