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Bison Mascot Costume (Purchase)

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Product Description

Bison Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size. Purchase $1049.95 SPECIAL ORDER allow 2-3 weeks to process order. Call us 1-773-777-0222 The majestic bison also called the buffalo, for those who arent in the know! has long roamed the plains of North America and the steppes of Western Europe; these large, graceful animals embody and stand for tenacity and strength, making them a popular mascot choice. But, of course, youll still stand out from the crowd with this premium-quality costume! No matter your needs a promotional event, a sporting occasion, maybe even a theatrical production or something else entirely rest assured that weve got you covered. All the professional-grade mascot suits sold by Fantasy Costumes are crafted with the wearers freedom of movement, ease of use and comfort in mind; the bison mascot costume is no exception to this design philosophy. The suits relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style body allows for the widest range of motion possible, with separate hands and feet that make it easier than ever to get dressed up and undressed again. Highly technical fabrics, both durable and lightweight, are used in this costumes construction; that means no worries about the unfortunately common problem of overheating, but also that unlike cheap imitations the risk of rips and tears is firmly in the past. With a large over-the-head mask that provides the wearer with all the visibility and ventilation they need, this costume really is top of the line. The body of this suit is thickly padded and plush, in a rich, deep chocolate brown, with black feet that are as shiny and hoof-like as any bison worth his salt would have. The crowning glory, though or at least we think so! is the oversized headpiece, with its wrinkled snout and intimidating yellow-toned eyes. A pair of curling horns rounds off the look, ensuring that this is a costume thats truly formidable to behold.

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Adult Costumes/Mascots
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