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Banana Powder from Ben Nye is Micro-Milled for a silky texture, Luxury Powders are translucent with just a hint of color.  Ben Nye's Banana Powder was popularized by Kim Kardashian's make up artist, Mario Dedivanovic. But you don't have to be a makeup artist to enjoy the benefits of a premium, professional grade powder. Made to suit a range of skin tones, Ben Nye's banana powder smoothes out surface redness and undertones for a flawless finish. Apply under the eyes to remove blueish circles or use a light application to soften pores and textures of the skin.

Product Details

Finish: Superior Matte Finish.

Size:1.5oz & 3oz bottles available

Yield:50-125 applications per 1.5oz.

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How to spot FAKE Ben Nye Banana Powder

Any Ben Nye makeup user knows how integral the banana powder is to your look. It's one of those perfect powders that you love so much. Unfortunately, there is counterfeit banana powder going around from seemingly legitimate stores. The problem has gotten large enough that Ben Nye has to change their packaging up regularly. Here's how to make sure you get authentic Ben Nye Banana Powder.

Order from authorized dealers (like us)

Platforms like Amazon, eBay, Posh, and Alibaba allow sellers to advertise that they sell the Ben Nye Banana Powder even when it may be counterfeit. Unfortunately, you often won’t know until you've opened the powder and tried it. We have been in business for over 50 years and have been an authorized Ben Nye dealer for decades.

Abnormal Packaging

There are a few ways to tell if your makeup is counterfeit before you even open it. Counterfeit sellers do their best to replicate the actual font and lettering that Ben Nye has, but it never matches up, and they don't pay enough money for their equipment or staff to ensure that each label comes out perfectly. If you happen to have kept the packaging from your last product, compare it to the new one! In counterfeit package labeling, the lettering may not be evenly spaced, or the font might not match. Look closely at the symbols on the back- do they look similar enough to the one on the Ben Nye label? If you aren't sure and don't have one to compare to, it's easy enough to look up the official label online so you can check for yourself.

The Powder Looks Different

So it's passed the packaging test, enough that you're ready to open it and hope that it's the real thing. If you've used the powder before, you know the consistency and texture of the powder and even the color. The usual consistency is a very finely milled powder, very light to the touch, and it's all the same texture. If the cosmetic is a lot of clumps or cakey, then it may be counterfeit. The Ben Nye Banana Powder also has a distinct smell, very soft and recognizable. Any fake powder will have a very heavy scent that isn't the same as the original, and will likely give you a headache from the high amount of scent coming from it. This can be a sign of cheaper manufacturing processes and questionable ingredients.


The labeling on the actual product is very specific, and it isn't easy for a seller to replicate without expensive machinery. The whole point of counterfeiting the Ben Nye products is to trick users in a very cheap way. It's a money-making scheme so that they won't be spending money on factory labeling, and they won't get the label perfect. Often, you'll find that the text size is bolder and larger, while the original labels look much more delicate. If anything looks off, it's not real. To do some extra checking, use your nail to lightly scrape against the front labeling, almost as if you want to take it off. The counterfeit versions are cheaply made, and the type will come off. Nothing comes off of the original label, even with some effort. Since this past September, Ben Nye has put a specific label that will let you know it's the real product.

What Exactly Is Going On Your Face?

Here's one of the biggest problems with counterfeit makeup - it goes on your skin! If you don't ensure that you are getting the quality product, you could get the fake product is made very cheaply with whatever chemicals they can find. It's probably not made in a clean and safe area, and who knows who has touched the powder before you? If you receive if and put that version on your face, you're asking for trouble. Bacteria and unheard of ingredients can give you complications. Since these powders go on your face, it's likely that some may get near your eyes, mouth, or nose, which are prime areas for the bacteria to spread. If you aren't sure if the product is real based on the packaging and labeling, don't put it on your face!

What Else Can You Check For?

There are a few things you can do to check that it's an authentic product:

  • The Ben Nye version does not come in any plastic wrapped around the bottle. It's plain, and they don't use any wrap.
  • Look at the stamps underneath the bottle. If there is a faint black rectangle around the numbers (look carefully!), it's because it's a counterfeit version, and the seller didn't use a stamp. The authentic version has no light black anywhere and is very clean looking. If there's no stamp at all or just a sticker, it's a counterfeit.
  • Make sure the seller is selling the whole range of Ben Nye products - not just the banana powder! If it's just the banana powder, it's likely counterfeit. We carry the full range of Ben Nye products.
  • Try to scratch the label off. The real Ben Nye product labels are very strong and won't wear, even after years of use. The fake ones will flake.
  • Check to see if it looks cakey or clumpy from the outside of the bottle.
  • Ben Nye Banana Powder is very yellow, and it's not overly pale or orange.
  • If you're getting the makeup for $5-10 dollars, it's likely not real! Even looking at some of the other things they sell will tell you if it's counterfeit - if all their products are underpriced, you know it's not real either.

If you follow all of these, you're going to be fairly safe from buying fake banana powder.