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A mask is all you need to add that extra zing to your costume and transform an otherwise simple outfit to something more dramatic and extraordinary. With our exquisite selection of masks, you can develop multiple personalities and transform into your favorite character in a snap. One of our most popular categories of masks are our variety of masquerade masks. Whether you are looking for the Funny masks to set out squeals of laughter in the party or the Scary Halloween masks to add dollops of creepiness to your diabolical character, we have them all.

Masks are essential accessories to add high voltage drama to your costume and make it out of the world. Our exotic masks will take you from glory to gory, horror to humorous and complete your costume ensemble for that special event. Follow your heart and let your mood decide when it comes to choosing a mask to go with your costume. Some of our best sellers are Killer Klowns Fatso Halloween Mask and Boiling Mad Halloween Mask.

At Fantasy Costumes, you will find the Scary Halloween masks to transform into the flesh eating demon or the masquerade masks to reveal your fascinating Cinderella side! We have something for all ages, so grab that mask and get ready to make the event memorable!

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