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Jake Sully wig with long braded pig tails. Possibly the biggest movie of 2009, Avatar gave us not only the incredibly vivid alien world of Pandora but also Jake Sully, a paralysed former marine who takes on an avatar persona and falls in love with himself and their world. Unlike the Avatars Jake Sully must learn how to interact with such an emotion-driven environment and during his adventures becomes infatuated with a Navi woman who is fighting for survival. Jake Sully is a true movie hero, who is not only instantly recognisable but incredibly charismatic - its the perfect costume for a Halloween party or any themed event. In its simplest form, it is just a must-have piece of merchandise for the die-hard Avatar fan. Jake Sully may be a former marine in the real world, but in Pandora he is an Avatar with long braided hair, unique characteristics and blue skin. In this wig we have put Jakes braided hair into pigtails and added extra braids for aesthetic appeal. But it is not only style that we hope for in our finished products, we value quality, which is why this wig is not only attractive but incredibly durable and well-made. The wig offers a comfortable fit, which will sit on your existing hairline perfectly. It is easy to wear and the large braided piece can sit happily over your shoulder or down your back without being restrictive. If you want to fully get into character you can opt for a fully dyed body, or you can simply get some inspiration from the movie and dress in Jakes trademark ensemble. The wig is not only going to make an impression at your party, it will also become a valued part of your fancy dress collection thanks to its iconic design.

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