Wig Evil Sorceress Black/Purple


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Black/Purple Evil Sorceress Wig: Gothic look widows peak wig in a teased puffy style look. When you come across a wig like our Black/Purple Evil Sorceress Wig, you have to a double-take! Not only is it full of drama, it is tinged with purple to create volume and style. The combination of black and purple is the perfect dark aesthetic youd want for Halloween parties or scary shindigs. Not only that, but unlike other sorceress wigs on the market it doesnt sit flat against your hairline. This evil black and purple wig is for those who crave salon-worthy drama, as this particular one looks as though its stepped straight from a themed Halloween magazine shoot. It will give your fancy dress collection the kick it needed to up your costume game this year, no matter what the occasion. The wig itself benefits from an extremely high-quality construction, manufactured using only the finest wig fibers to produce something truly spectacular. It is messy and characterful - just what youd expect from an evil sorceress who spends her days plotting the downfall of kings and queens and brewing deadly potions to trick her fellow townsmen into drinking. Maybe youd like to be Maleficent after falling in love with the Disney adaptation or maybe you want to go as the evil queen from Snow White? Perhaps you have your own character in mind and just need the wig to complete it. Whatever the reason, if its evil youre going for then its evil youll get! The wig itself is perfect for gothic-themed parties. This widows peak wig has been teased and tangled in a messy style to create the look of a busy evil sorceress. Youll not only feel like the best dressed in the room wearing this wig, youll also feel comfortable as we pride ourselves on producing wigs that are a joy to wear.

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