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Walk-Around™ Airbrush System Graftobian

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Product Description

Graftobian Walk Around Airbrush Compressor with Airbrush and Makeup Kits

An excellent all-in-one package featuring the high performing Graftobian Walk-Around™ compressor, single action airbrush, airbrush makeup kit and instructional DVD. Includes all hoses, cords and more to get you creating makeup for film, TV, theater, or everyday applications in your beauty salon.

What's included with the Graftobian Walk-Around™ System:
-Portable Graftobian Walk-Around™ airbrush compressor (110v. and 220v. compatible compressor)
-Rechargeable, detachable battery pack
-Graftobian SA35 single action airbrush
-Bleeder valve allowing 3 - 26 psi adjustable pressure
-6 foot flexible silicone rubber hose
-Power cords for A/C and DC power
-International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS)
-Cleaning fluid with spray cap.
-Instructional DVD for using, cleaning and maintaining the Walk-Around™ system. 

More details

The complete Walk-Around airbrush beauty package. Featuring our HD Cremes and Matching shades of GlamAire airbrush makeup, 15 colors in all. Includes Fully portable (110v. and 220v. compatable compressor), Rechargable and detachable battery pack, SA35 - single action airbrush, Adjustable 3-26 psi using bleeder valve control, 6' super flexible silicone rubber hose, A/C and DC power cords, International plug ends included (EU, UK, AUS), 15 Shades of HD Cremes and their matching 15 shades of GlamAire airbrush makeup in three different color temperatures to get you started with truly multi-ethnic capabilities, Cleansing fluid & Instructional DVD.

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How to use the Graftobian Walk-Around System

Instructions from Graftobian on use, cleaning, how to load makeup and more.

The Graftobian airbrush is designed for use anywhere across the globe. It is designed to have dual voltage and comes packaged with three separate plug adapters. These adapters are for use anywhere in the European Union, the United Kingdom, or Australia. For ease of use the adapters can be used to power the airbrush directly or for charging the portable battery. Operating the airbrush from direct power or the battery pack is exactly the same.

There are a few things to remember when using the Graftobian makeup airbrush. The bleeder valve knob, located on the bleeder valve stem, is used to regulate the pressure to the tool. The valve should be firmly connected to the bottom of the airbrush. It is important that the bleeder valve always lets at least a small amount of airflow through the tool whenever the power to the unit is turned on. Failure to properly relieve pressure will overload and potentially shorten the life of the compressor.

To apply makeup, add a small amount of makeup specially formulated for airbrushes to the small reservoir on the top of the airbrush. Then turn the power on, aim the brush and gently depress the lever on the top of the tool with your index finger. For best results, move the tool in small, rounded motions and only gently pull the lever. To practice, hang a sheet of white paper, hold the tool about six inches from the surface and practice applying makeup. You will see that the pressure on the lever and distance from the paper will vary the amount of makeup applied.

Other notes

  • GlamAire Beauty Makeup is best applied by slowly building up very light coats of color until the desired level of coverage is attained. Again, moving the tool in slow circles will results in the smoothest application.
  • F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup is applied the same way. This makeup is specially formulated to dry quickly, allowing coats to be added quickly and reducing overall application time.
  • Airbrush makeup should be applied lightly and should not appear wet on the skin when applied. All airbrush makeups will apply best to clean, dry skin.


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