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At Fantasy Costumes, clothes make the man in real sense and our shoppers have the liberty to slip into the skin of any fictional character or step into any era with our wide ranging outfits for parties and fancy dress events. Shop By Theme to complement each occasion and be what your heart desires with our extensive selection of costume themes for women, men, teens, and kids.

For adults, we have the right Adult By Theme costumes to fulfill various expectations, whims and fancies while they join a parade for Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day, or attend a Christmas or Halloween party. From humors and eccentric to sexy and devilish, our adult costumes allow you to Shop By Theme and add more fun to holidays. Whether you want to be a rock star from the roaring 70s, a sexy vampirress, or a noble knight with fair maiden, we have you covered.

Kids will have great fun when you Shop By Theme from our special kids costumes designed to make little guys transform into a superhero or zombie, and little girls look like princess and fairies from the storybooks.  Some of our favorite Children’s By Theme costumes are Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Child Costume and Christopher Columbus Costume Child. We also have an extensive selection of costumes for tweens and teens wanting to sport a comical, naughty, sexy, or eerie look!

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