Morticia Addams Wig


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If you’ve been a fan of the Addams family for as long as you can remember but don’t have our Morticia Addams Wig, then we urge you to make this vital addition to your fancy dress collection as soon as possible! We don’t mean to judge, but Halloween just isn't the same without a member of the Addams family making an appearance, and when coupled with a Morticia fancy dress costume, a smooth speaking voice and a whole lot of attitude you’ve got a costume that will not be forgotten in a hurry! We adore this wig for recreating our favourite Mrs. Addams but it’s so versatile that you could use it to be her daughter too, the iconic Wednesday Addams. If spooking the neighbours isn't your thing, you could use our Morticia Addams wig for a 60’s party! Hear us out - hippie hair was all about the long, straight style so when paired with a vibrant dress or outrageous printed dungarees you’ll have a 60’s costume that will look as though you’ve plucked it straight out of a time machine. This wig comes in one size, which means we believe one size will fit most adults. Here at Fantasy Costumes we pride ourselves on producing high-quality wigs, masks and costumes so you can rest assured that this striking wig will not only be aesthetically eye-catching but also well-made. Durability is the best gift we can give you when it comes to a timeless wig such as Morticia Addams. With the option to wear it again and again to recreate your favourite character, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. The wig offers a quality construction made using fine wig fibres for an authentic-looking finish that will leave you speechless. It is also incredibly comfortable to wear.