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Shop Men's Theatrical Quality Costumes Online


All of our costumes are high-quality, and they're perfect for costume or Halloween parties and other events and occasions where you want to get dressed up in something totally unique. Sometimes, however, you want something a little more in-depth and detailed than a standard costume. If you really want to wow your family and friends at a big bash or if you need a costume that's durable enough to take a lot of use, take a look at our line of men's theatrical quality costumes. These epic, highly detailed costumes look just like what you'd see professional actors wearing.

We have exciting and unique concepts to bring you hours of fun and entertainment. If you want to enact The Caped Crusader's battles against the dastardly Riddler, we have costumes for both Batman and The Riddler based on the classic 1966 television series. Now you can depict every "POW!" "ZAP!" and "BANG!" with style. (They work with all the other wacky sound effects too!)

If you're an Elvis impersonator ready to shake those hips on stage, try our deluxe Elvis jumpsuit. The detachable cape makes for the classiest and coolest of entrances and exits. The brilliant white color, red scarf and studded rhinestones are definitely reminiscent of The King's famous outfits. Best of all, this exciting costume will withstand the antics of many improv living room concerts.

Santa Claus costumes always take a lot of use and abuse from the elements and, sometimes, from children. If you're planning to take up playing jolly old St. Nick during the Christmas season, or if you need to replace a worn-out Santa costume, we've got excellent deluxe options for you. Pick your size and soon you'll be "ho-ho-ho-ing" with the best of them.