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Children are amused so easily. Simply watching television shows can be a captivating and enthralling experience for them, and going to the movie theater to watch Hollywood blockbusters and animated features can be a thrill. Learning in school about history's greatest leaders, athletes and explorers can be fascinating to youngsters as well. That's why it's no surprise that kids usually love dressing up as some of the world's most well known fictional and nonfictional characters.

Part of dressing up for children is letting them choose their own costumes; it makes them feel like grownups, which is not something they get to experience often. On occasion, they'll have to dress up for a holiday or to go to theme parties. And they sometimes get to dress up for school functions. A teacher may ask all of her students to dress up in uniforms representative of their desired career paths, for instance.

Dressing up also gives children the chance to feel creative and to explore the boundless limits of their imaginations. They can't resist LEGO Castle Knights costumes or dressing up like other delightful and popular characters, such as Pikachu,  Madeline,  Thor or Elsa from Frozen. Regardless which costume your child chooses, it presents a great opportunity to allow them to feel mature and independent. And it's a great reason to have fun!

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