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Harry Potter is a beloved franchise that is known all over the world. Both children and adults enjoy the adventures of a young man that demonstrates values of courage and loyalty in his journey to take down the most evil wizard of all time. The Harry Potter Deluxe Adult Costume will allow you to be part of a magical, mystical world, dressed as one of the most famous and renowned wizards of all time.

This costume accurately recreates the robe that all students in Gryffindor House wear while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It even has the Gryffindor crest patched into its chest. This costume is also comfortable, and is very easy to slip on over your clothes. The inside is lined with the classic burgundy symbolizing Hogwarts' most distinguished house. Complete your Harry Potter costume by adding his round-rimmed glasses and wand.

What makes this costume special is that it so closely resembles the robe Harry wore throughout the movies, a design that was based off the books. In fact, this robe is so realistic, people may crowd you in public and ask to see your famous scar to make sure you truly are the Boy Who Lived.

Harry Potter Deluxe Adult Black robe with clasp. *Wand sold separately. Adult standard fits up to size 42