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Boogity Wiggity Mask

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Product Description

Greenish Frankensteinesque Mask with Fanged Detail. One Size Standard. Have you ever seen anything more frightening than our goosebump-inducing Boogity Wiggity Mask? Its definitely got the scare appeal so theres no better option if youre looking to frighten your guests or make a particularly spooky entrance at the annual Halloween bash! With the right combination of zombie apocalypse versus Frankenstein this terrifying mask is exactly what your fancy dress box has been missing. We love it for Halloween or perhaps weekend marathons of The Walking Dead. The mask is mainly a deathly green with remnants of blood, spiked fangs for teeth and mesmerising bloodshot eyeballs. The realistic skin looks a million years old and the fringed detail makes it even more life-like! This mask comes in a one size as standard and slips effortlessly over your face. It is crafted of extremely high-quality fibers so you can rest assured that the mask is as comfortable as it is frightening! Your skin can be cleverly concealed with the right clothes so that the look is authentic from head-to-toe. Of course you could even add blood stains and werewolf scratches to your clothes for added effect. But we wont blame you if you stick to the mask - its pretty great on its own! If its a Frankenstein party youre off to then this is a no-brainer - literally! Thanks to its premium quality, it can be used again and again without compromising on the final result. It is well-made and realistic and you can enjoy it year after year. If you fancy yourself a bit of a practical joker then nothing will get them jumping higher than this horrendous zombie face! The greenish skin makes it perfect for reenacting zombie apocalypses with our mates or you could just use it for freaking out your siblings if youre feeling particularly mean!

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