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Cowgirl Costumes, Wigs, Makeup & Accessories


The cowgirl costume is pretty popular, whether you are talking about a modern cowgirl or a girl straight from an old western. Everyone loves to daydream about the days when the world was wild and rugged. In fact, not only were there just regular cowboys, but pioneers were also considered cowboys. Back then the world was still untamed and being a cowgirl was all about homesteading and trying to survive. The world was a much more dangerous place then, but dozens of legends have been born out of the ashes of this desperate time with many famous cowgirls being the center of the story.

Some of our popular Cowgirl & Indian costumes:

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American Indian Woman Costume Can-Can in Paris Sexy Costume Sexy Cowgirl Costume


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Dirty Desperado Sexy Cowgirl Costume Indian Princess Plus-Size Costume Native American Maiden Costume


During the era known to many as the “Wild West,” a group of men would herd cattle across thousands of miles in order to get them to the closest railroad or market. These cattle drives were have been glorified in westerns for years which is one of the reasons that we still romanticize about them today. Did you know that in Texas it is still illegal to carry wire clippers on your person? There are a number of variations on the reason for the law being enacted, but one popular theory is that during the “Wild West” days, cow thieves would use them to cut the barbed wire fences that kept cattle contained. Cowboys and cowgirls also had their own set of codes that they lived by. One of these codes was to never look back at a person once you passed them on the trail, because it implies you don’t trust them. Make sure you remember this if you’re trick-or-treating in a cowgirl costume.

Many a cowgirl costume is inspired by the outfits of the famous cowgirls from the past and in the movies. The most obvious examples are Annie Oakley and Dale Evans. Annie Oakley was part of the famous Buffalo Bill Western Show and Dale Evans was the famous actress paired with Roy Rogers to create cinematic magic during the heyday of Western’s and the “singing cowboy.” Real cowboy and cowgirl outfits consisted of some basic stables, and Cowboy boots were one of the main necessities. In fact, real cowboys would save up and spend all of their money just to buy a special pair. A good pair of boots was almost as important as a quality saddle. They also wore long-sleeved shirts and long jeans, but modern cowgirls wear pretty much whatever they want. Of course, a great hat is a definite must.

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